"Don't tell my mother I am a Medan Hasher.
She thinks I am a piano player in a whore house."


These pages could be interesting if you are a hasher, or, if you are not, or not yet. In short words, a hash consists of a Run, a Circle and an On-On.
A trail is laid by one of the hashers. At a given signal the pack has to search the trail and follow the paper.
When the run is over the harriers gather together in a circle and drink beer with punishments or awards. And after the circle we continue somewhere.


Medan H3 in Indonesia is my home hash. I started there in 1995. On my third run I got my hash name from the GM Heavy Breather and was baptised with flour and beer in the circle. The harriers discussed what hash name would be suitable for me, and they developed the following story:
In Germany for many years there was the wall which devided West Germany from East. And there is an album from Pink Floyd called "The Wall". Floyd is a common name in America and Fritz is a very common name in Germany, so I got my name Pink Frits with "s" at the end. Actually I can be happy with this, because most of the hash names are very dirty
, specially in Medan.



In Riyadh we are hashing every Friday at 16.00 h  

Since 2011 in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia with the Sulaimaniya Hash House Harriers.

The Abu Dhabi Island Hash House Harriers are hashing every Monday at 18.00 h  

From 2008 to 2011 United Arab Emirates.

Stuttgart Hash House Harriers

The Stuttgart Hash House Harriers are hashing every second Sunday at 14.00 h  

After Indonesia I went to Germany and I found out that there are also many hash chapters.

Medan Hash House Harriers ...

The Medan Hash House Harriers are hashing every Monday at 17.15 h
o go to their Hash (in Sumatra, Indonesia) or at least to the homepage, click on the bottle.

In Medan I started hashing in 1995.