One part of hashing that has become more elaborate over the years is the after-run party known as the On-On. Originally, in Malaysia, after the Hash, runners would gather around someone's car and drink from the brew stashed within a big washtub provided by the member's amah (maid). Some might seek further refreshment at the "Hash House" or a local bar or restaurant. Many went home to wives and children.

Special occasions produced dinners, but the social side of hashing really developed in the early 1970s when woman began to run regularily. For many clubs, the On-On is fully as important as the run. it can take the traditional drinks-in-back-of-car approach or be more elaborate and include food and real partying. Not content with imbibement at the finish, some clubs are providing a "beer check" partway through the course - a thoughtful gesture designed to pump up enough adrenalin in the beer-slackened hasher to allow him or her to finish the run.
Each club and nation has its own style of On-On. Some people are exuberant hashers and sing at every opportunity, the loudness of their voices exceeded only by the vulgarity of their words, some sing not at all. Some clubs are drawn to the muse and recite a vast repertoire of limericks, others are funloving yet wholesome.