Who are we?
We are about 1500 chapters of the Hash House Harriers in 160 countries, a worldwide social group commonly refered to as a drinking club with a running problem. Plainly put, we are a social club that meets regularily, runs a few kilometers, drinks a few beers and sings a few songs.


When do we hash?
We usually run Mondays. The runs are 5 to 7 km, sometimes a trail for walkers. Our Hash is open to everybody and to all levels of fitness. There is a run fee and covers beer, sodas, water, snacks & fun. After each Hash we end up in the house of the hare, the run area or a nearby restaurant for an On-In, the cost of which is announced in advance or at the circle by the hares. Check the homepage for the directions to the next Hash.

The „Hash House“ was the derogative nickname given (for its unimaginative, monotonous food) to the Selangor Club Chambers in Kuala Lumpur, by the British Civil Servants and businessmen who lived and dined there between the two World Wars, when it had become something of a social center of the times. Sadly, the „Hash House“ was demolished around 1964, to make way for a new highway, though the buildings housing, the original stables and servants quarters are still in existence.
By 1938, „G“ Gispert, „Horse“ Thompson, and „Torch“ Bennett had all moved to K.L. and, joined by Cecil Lee, Eric Galvin and H.M. Doig, they founded their own club, following the rules they had learned elsewhere. Gispert is credited with proposing the name „The Hash House Harriers“, when the Registrar of Societies required the gathering to be legally registered. Other early members included Frank Woodward, Philip Wickens, Lew Davidson, John Wyatt-Smith and M.C. Hay. After 117 runs, KLH3 was forced into temporary hibernation by the arrival of the Japanese, and sadly, „G“ Gispert did not live to see his extraordinary creation revive, being killed in the fighting on Singapore island on February 11th1942. It took nearly 12 months after the war for the survivors of the HHH to reassemble. Bennet put in a claim for the lost Hash mugs, a tin bath and two old bags from Government funds, and run No.1 was a trot around the racecourse in August 1946.
Strangely, it took another 16 years for the second H3 Chapter to be founded, in Singapore in 1962, followed by Kuching in 1963, Brunei, Kota Kinabalu and Ipoh in 1964, Penang and Malacca in 1965. Perth, Australia, was the first „overseas“ Chapter, formed in 1967, and even in 1974, when KLH3 had run No.1500, the HHH was only 35 Chapters worldwide. Now the Hash world has over 1200 active Chapters, in some 160 countries, and this despite the total absence of any central organization. We are unique!
The Stuttgart Wurst Hash House Harriers were formed in 1993. The Hash is made up of now more than 40 people, and we run at various locations around the Stuttgart area.
During the course of the year, various other social activities take place. There are also many opportunities to visit other Hash Venues all over Europe, for their celebration runs, all at very low cost.