A number of people of have requested information about hashing. So, here are some answers to frequently asked questions:

What is Hashing?
Hashing is a sport founded by British army officers in Malaysia in 1938 who wanted to work up a thirst before going to their favorite tavern, the Hash House. Hashing is cooperative and non-competitive in nature, and consists of following an obscurely marked trail through unusual terrain---swamps,junk yards, sewers, forests---in search of beer. There are several hundred hashing clubs worldwide. Each has its own character: the hashes here in Pittsburgh tend to be four to eight miles of intermittent running.

While there are two known hashing fatalities (someone fell off a waterfall in Burma, and there was a heart attack---and subsequent moment of silence around the post-run keg---in New Jersey), the worst that's happened on a Pittsburgh hash  are twisted ankles, poison ivy, and the occasional trespassing arrest.

Should I Hash?
On first glance, hashing seems to center on the activities of running and drinking beer. If you like doing these things, you'll probably like hashing.However, a lack of interest in these things doesn't automatically disqualify you as a potential hasher. The hashes I've seen feature quite a diverse range of physical abilities: some hashers run ultramarathons, while the only exercise others get is the weekly hash. Similarly, some hashers love beer and drink it before, during, after and sometimes instead of the run. Others are teetotallers. They all get along fine.

So, I'd venture to say that the primary characteristics you need to be a hasher are:
1.A sense of humor
2.A complete lack of common sense

If you've half a mind to go hashing, that's all you need!.

How can I find out more?
Contact the Hash House Harriers.

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