The GM is always right.



When the GM is wrong, Rule 1 applies.



The HS (Hash Steward) is always right except when Rule 1 applies and there shall be no defense.



The penalty for any transgression is one Down-Down, standing except when with shame when taken on the knees.



The HS checks on proper behaviour before the run, during the run, after the run and between runs. It is left to HSís discretion as to whether he will ignore any transgression, give private reprimand or make a Charge. No witnesses whatsoever are required for a Charge; if a Charge is made a penalty will automatically follow.



NO POOFTERS! No touching up! (or down) or poofy dress or lipstick except on foreskin!



Due to the high regard in which unmentionables are held by MH3 , it is inconceivable that they should be allowed to suffer the same iniquities as Hashers. Therefore no unmentionables are allowed on the run. It is the Official Ball Checkerís duty to make sure this rule is strictly obeyed. In performing his duties the OBC must use his implement. He may request and require any assistance necessary from fellow Hashers.



Upon arrival at the Bemo Spot, every Hasher is invited to find his card and Hash Cash, and to happily hand over to him the required amount of money. At the time of going to press this is Rp 20,000.



Any one having any knowledge of a transgression by a fellow Hasher may make a Charge during the Down-Downs. A Charge will always result in a penalty for either the accuser, the accused or both unless of course the GM decides otherwise: Charges from the floor can be defended but poor defense will incur Down-Down with shame (see 4 above).



After completing 3 runs, a new Hasher will be given a Hash Name. He will subsequently be known only by this Hash Name. Failure to observe this Rule will result in a Charge.



After completing 50, 100, 150, etc. runs a Hasher will be rewarded with a trophy that will be his to keep. He will also get a Down-Down and has to sing before receiving his trophy or entertain the Hash



At more or less regular intervals every Hasher is asked to set a run. Since being a Hare is a great honour, refusals are neither expected nor accepted. If the run is passably good, then the Hares will be awarded a Down-Down. If the run or anything about the run is considered below standard for the MH3, the Hares may face a Piss Pot containing the regulation Hash Shit, in which case the names of the Hares will grace the Hash toilet seat which one of them will wear until some other gets the honour. The lesser honour of hash piss may be awarded at the discretion of GM



Intelligence is neither required nor appreciated by the MH3. Thinking is not allowed on the run.



Short-Cutting is allowed. Being caught Short-Cutting is a serious offense



The Hash has certain standard forms of communication:
When on paper, shout ON ON.
When checking, shout CHECKING.
When calling someone back to the correct trail, shout ON BACK.
All calling should be performed at an appropriately high decibel level, failure to do so could result in a Charge of Silent Running.



All Hashers should be strongly committed to the Hash and attend our Monday gathering whenever possible. Irregular attendance will be noticed and punished. (i.e. Returning Runner after two absences)



No Crop-Bashing will occur during the run. Down-Down with shame.



Hash Impedimenta will be held in the high regard that it deserves. No Hasher will mistreat the said Hash Impedimenta. The incoming Committee has the duty to reconsecrate all Hash Impedimenta



The Hash drinks beer. Drinking Without Beer is a serious offense.



Harriettes clothing is not allowed on the Hash.



Stationary Checking or refusal to check when so requested by the HS will undoubtedly result in a Charge.



The basic idea of the Hash is a non-competitive run through the local countryside in order to encourage a thirst for beer that should already exist. Aggressive Running is totally banned



Leading the Hash astray is easy, however the perpetrator of this crime will be made to suffer.



The Rules are not comprehensive and therefore Rule 25 applies



The GM can add, delete or change any Rule at anytime. No public announcement will be deemed necessary, however transgressions will still result in a Charge



Representations of unmentionables forms is allowed but not the mention of their names (i.e. it is the name that is unmentionable)



The Hash is democratic and fair, but will obey GM in all matters.



Beer is to be drunk when Down-Downing or poured over the head. Blow-jobs or excessive waste will result in a second Down-Down with shame.



No more than 3 Hares except for Special Runs.



At the Down-Down session Harriers wearing a hat and receiving a Down-Down will have their hat bashed by the Basher. Beer used to lubricate the hat during Bashing is not considered a waste of beer.



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