An idiosyncrasy of hashers is that they tend to nickname each other, presumably to help avoid identification by lawenforcement officials, spouses, and sober business colleagues. The original luminaries of the hashing world had nicknames: A.S. "G" Gispert, H.A. "Horse" Thompson, and "Torch" Bennett, so the practice is based on tradition. Names are inspired by:


a) Circumstance: he/she has something that lends itself quite clearly to a certain title.
b) Personality quirks.
c)  Parts of the anatomy.
d) The warped mind of the namer
e) No good reason whatsoever.


The main point is you cannot give yourself a nickname (in hope of averting a worse one). Taking just a few from hash directories produces:


Man-handler, Dipstick, Blow Job, No Brains, Moonshine, Bear, Burnt Lips, Heavy Breather, Smokie, Balderdash, Huan Laan, Skirt, Pink Frits, Captain Naked, Frankenfarter, Jingle Bells, Dr. Müller, Eat Me, Fuck Off, Clushed Nuts, Psychopath, Wanda, Ketchup, Tripple X, Double Adapter, Hot Dog, Bull Dog, Ghaddafi, Lagger, Bragger .....



What their Hash Names mean and how they got it:

Pink Frits

On my third run in my home hash, the Medan HHH in Indonesia, the GM Heavy Breather, Frankenfarter, Knackers and the Hash discussed about my hash name:
In Germany for many years we had the wall which devided West Germany from East Germany. And there is an album from Pink Floyd called "The Wall". Floyd is a common name in America and Frits is a very common name in Germany, so I got my name Pink Frits and actually I can be happy with this, because most of the hash names are very dirty.


Blue Moon

Blue Moon got his Hash Name in Thailand, where he worked and hashed before he came to SWH3. He is the Religious Advisor and here like in Thailand he likes mooning. At the last Nash Hash in Hannover also, he and 4 others pressed their backs against the rear bus window at every traffic light until we finally reached the run side.

Fuck Off

Fuck Off worked in Bandung, Indonesia and his actually first hash name was "Welcome". Because: when his job was finished in Bandung, his flight was so many times cancelled that they called him "Welcome". Then he moved to Jakarta and joined this crazy bastards there. And they said that "Welcome " is not a hash name and they changed it to "Fuck Off". When Fuck Off wanted to register his homepage, they didn't allow it.


Heavy Breather

He was GM in my home hash in Medan and he gave me my hash name. He is a really Hasher. Strong, knows all the rules and the history and tells it to all the new hashers. The hash must stay like it was ment in 1938 by our Hash Father "Gispert". Heavy Breather is not a good runner, but a good walker. And he does he whole run only slowlier and "heavy breathing".


Sole Sucker

Well, first I thought her name was Soulsucker. You know, speaking and asking always too much. But that's wrong. Her name is Sole Sucker. On the first Hash she showed up with new shoes and she had to drink out of it, of course. The next time the shoes still looked new, so she drank out of it again and again. She never complained, she even said she liked it. So it was easy for the Hash to give Ellen her hash name.Until today she still likes it and I even saw in one of the last hashes that she begged the RA in the circle to filter her down-down through her sock into her shoe.



Wild Cat

There was a time in Italy when food was rare, specially rabbits.So the people sold cats instead of rabbits. Many who ate didn't know that they were cats, cause they were served without head in the pan. This "fake rabbit" then called a "Wild Cat".
When Wild Cat did his first Hash in Borneo he got lost on his first Hash and had to stay until after midnight waiting somebody picked him up from the jungle. Ahh, better you ask him on the Hash. He can tell you in a very nice way ...



Ancient Boner

Ancient Boner was digging for bones more than 11 years in the Emirates. But not only for that he got his hash name. Ancient Boner also means something like "experienced wanker".



Sexy Knee

Sexy Knee is the better part of Ancient Boner and she originally is from Niedersachsen, which in the english language is called "Lower Saxony".




Long Shanks simply means long leg. (Langer Oberschenkel). He is over 2 meters, I mean Long Shanks.



Jeriatric Jerk Off

I don't know who has the proof of it, maybe only Pees Like A Horse. So we must believe her that Jeriatric Jerk Off has a huge amount of sperm when the time has come.



Pees Like A Horse

Pees Like A Horse as a good hasher likes the beer and beer makes you feel like letting it out all the time once you started it. So with her, too. More than others and everywhere.




I still remember when Astroglide got his Hash Name. He took off everything except his panty. Everybody poured flour over him and then the beer. Because his body has no hairs and he looked slippery, he got his name. Astroglide is somehow a creme which certain people use to have good friction.






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