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Pink Frits

Pink Frits with Mini Nuts and Mega Tits

Lilie's bar in Setia Budi

Lilie's Bar

Pink Frits

Lili's Bar with Mini Nuts and Mega Tits

Lili's Bar in Setia Budi

Lili's Bar

Das "Bemo" ist immer dabei

The circle

 You wanna take a becak?

 This is normal in Medan ...

Jingle Bells and the "Bemo"

The Circle or what is left because of rain

 You wanna take a becak?

 The Traffic in Medan





Lagger and Banzai discussing

Litho Prick enjoying in the Hash Cafe

Jingle Bells, Banzai, Lagger, Dip Stick

 Waiting for Macau Chee until midnight

The cooks in Lilie's Bar

This is Lilie

Pink Frits and Steel Head compare the belly

Screw and Pink Frits


Condom Goreng and Jingle Bells


Fuck Off


Jingle Bells

Master Bates

Mini Nuts

Pussy Injector

 Lilie's Bar

 The Hash Cafe in Medan

Steel Head

Greasy Palms and Well Oiled

 Lili's Bar

 The Hash Cafe in Medan

Heavy Breather in Lilie's Bar

Fuck Off

Pull On

Where we are hashing, others go water skiing












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