There is none.
Hashers are people who like to exercise and socialize. Some focus on the run, some on the after-run activities. Serious runners and serious beer drinkers join with non-runners and teetotallers, producing a very electic group. When already diverse local hash clubs host peple from other clubs around the country and the world, a hasher is in for a fascinating and stimulating experience. Hashing is truly an international sport with groups routinely welcoming guest hashers.
Although diversity is a byword in hashing, there are some generic characteristics of a hasher. These are important to know, since hoodwinking the right people into helping start a club and setting the improper tone are critical.
First, prospects have to be a bit crazy. How to tell? See what happens when you explain hashing:

1. Blank stare or mouth drops to floor, accompanied by gasp, blushing, and finding. Forget it.
2. Sustained interest with guffaws or giggles. Things are looking up.
3. Reactswith, "Hell, yes!" Eyes glaze over mouth contorts into sly smirk. You've got one!

Second, it helps if the person is somewhat fit. This is a loose term and can mean you may welcome total blobs without affecting things very much, since the majority of hashers are not too many steps above this, anyhow. Next, prospects must have the potential to graduate to positions of power in the "mismanagement". Also, they must have enough money to buy used running shoes, army-surplus shorts, club t-shirts and dues amount per run. They should like a good time. Hash celebrations traditionally feature beer. Many hashers prefer other liquid refreshment. For this deviant behaviour you may get ribbed but never shunned, since another hash characteristic is tolerance.
Finally, hash prospects must have a sence of humor. This all-important attribute translates into someone who is witty, good-natured, raucous but not destructive, irreverent, but not malicious, and who has a fine appreciation of life's little absurdities. If a person has a sence of humor, other things can be overlooked, compensated for, forgiven as long as he/she has a sense for perspective and some humility. Clearly, hashing appeals on many levels. It is athletic, social, aesthetic, intercultural, adventurous, uninhibited, not bound by work or class distinctions, and just ... just plain F U N.



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