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Trips in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

From Riyadh to Abu Dhabi   With the Ford Explorer in the sand  

updated 11th of May 2021

This was my trip in December 2012 from Riyadh to Abu Dhabi and Liwa on a long weekend. With a Ford Explorer I drove in 4 days 2300 km and enjoyed every minute. That car is fantastic for a long travel.


The start was from my home Holiday Inn Izdihar in Riyadh north-east down to Al Kharj 80 kms early in the morning (1 - 2 on the map)

Izdihar No. 18 The car fully packed Arabic skills ... a new tower Gulf countries & Haradh leaving Kharj

After Kharj towards Haradh (3). Not many cars, but trucks. 480 kms one straight road, no turn. (2 - 4 on the map)

trucks railway plantation google plantation camel stop straight forward

The United Arab Emirates from the border Al Gweifath to Abu Dhabi. (4 - 16 on the map)

It is about 300 km to Abu Dhabi. The roads are flat and right and left green. Keeps the sand away from the road. And somebody built his own bridge to his island.

In Abu Dhabi (16)

Al Raha Beach Hotel The harbour Fisher swimming 29th road Le Meridien

In Abu Dhabi, Mussafa and Yas Island (16 - 17)

Spinneys pork shop At Ferrari World I felt like in another world, not to describe Harley Davidson Down Town

In Liwa (8)

Liwa Hotel, the view from the window, fog in the valleys the next morning at Christmas 2012 The Quad shop freedom

In Madinat Zayed, Liwa and Moreeb Dune (8, 9 + 12)

Shops my old school market Moreeb Dunes, an off road paradise

Von Liwa nach Saudi (8, 7, 6, 5 -1)

After Liwa Liwa to Ghayati In Ghayati the border to Saudi endless roads back in Riyadh

Last weekend in February 2013 with the Explorer in the sand 

The way to Mekka off the highway off the black top in the sand and up the dunes
. . . . . .
. back in Riyadh        

On the way to Mekka




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