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updated 11th of May 2021

Trips in the United Arab Emirates (click on the pic)                               

Ein Ausflug nach Liwa

01 Liwa to the Moreeb Dune 02 Madinat Zayed City  03 Madinat Zayed to Liwa
04 Liwa 05 Along the way to Himem 06 Around Liwa
07 Liwa to Saudi Arabia 08 Marina F1 Circuit Abu Dhabi 09 The car museum
10 Abu Dhabi to Himem 11 Ruwais to Liwa 12 Madinat Zayed to Fujeira
13 My 10 000 km trip 14 Green Liwa 15 Around Liwa with Helmut
16 Madinat Zayed to Ghayathi 17 Abu Dhabi to Madinat Zayed 18 From Liwa to Beda Zayed

01: On the way from Liwa to the Moreeb Dune (view the map)

The map of UAE

A lot of sand everywhere


Right and left ..

... and up and down.

... slowly at sundown.

02: Madinat Zayed City (Beda Zayed) in the Western Region "Al Gharbia". From here I start all the trips.

The main road

Shopping Center

many shops

Filling Station

something to eat

and my washing machine

03: From Madinat Zayed to Liwa... (view the map)

... 60 km straight.

Then the circle in Liwa.

My favourite restaurant

The 2nd circle in Liwa

Out of Liwa to the hotel

So much green

The race track to ...

... the hotel.

Parking and a view ...

... to the Sheik's place.

The pool ... !!!

and back in Beda Zayed.

04: Liwa is a desert island about 120 km long, and the town Liwa is in the middle. This is the way to Himem (view the map)zum Seitenanfang...

Free to ride

very few cars

a look in the mirror

Very green to the side

nothing around


05: Along the way to Himem there are many small roads on left and right which are tared and I can reach with the Fat Bobzum Seitenanfang...

All needs extra water,

me too.

Nice to drive.

View from a higher point.

A stop in the shadow.

Watch for sand!

06: Around Liwa (view the map)

After I discovered this,

I was surprised

with so much green,


small and

curvy roads.

And after

a green part


a sandy part,

montains and


07: From Liwa to Saudi Arabia (view the map)

After the valley

there are Farms

with gras for camels

then long

roads with

georgious views

Sand and palm trees

relaxing trip,


meet friends,

and then

the border

08: Marina F1 Circuit Abu Dhabi Yas Island: 91 Harleys from Dubai and Abu Dhabi HOG'S joined the V8 Superchamp from Australia

Meeting the Hog's

from Dubai

before the race


then the opening round

at Marina Circuit

09: The car museum on the way to Himen from Abu Dhabi  (view the map)

An oversized Landrover

Mercedes for dunes

Pick Up for everything

colourful Mercedes

my favourite car

and the amazing Pick Up

10: From Abu Dhabi to Himem (view the map)

After the car museum

we drive for

about 120 km

again in the desert

with watered trees

down to Liwa

11: From Ruwais down to Liwa

Just before Ruwais,

men at work,

also in the garden.

The mosque.

On the way ...

... to Ghayathi,

30 km from Ruwais.


except the camels,

for 120 km ...

... I didn't see ...

... even one car.

Here I stopped ...

and forgot something.

Now the circle.

Left the 1Star Restaurant,

to the right 20 km

to Saudi Arabia.

12: From Madinat Zayed to Fujeira (view the map)

Trip planning.

The first rest.

On the road again.

A lake in the mountains.

Close to the East Coast.

Through a tunnel.

Looks like a worm hole.

In the town.

On the right the beach.

Riding to ...

... the next town.

A Harley is something!

The view to Oman.

A little bit ...

... more sightseeing.

Here we camp.

This is like ...

in the movie ...

... Born to be Wild,

sleeping near the bike.

Petrol Station.

On the way home and

... visiting an old Fort.

985 km and feeling good.

13: My 10 000 km trip from Madinat Zayed to Liwa, around Liwa and finally in the pool in Liwa Hotel (view the map)

Home, car and bike.

It is every time...

I drive there,

amazing, that in the

middle in the desert...

it can be so green.

At sundown back

to Madinat Zayed

and 10 000 sand-km

in 6 months.

My home

and save returned.

14: Green Liwa! We are in the desert. But look yourself what we have here around Liwa  (view the map)

The first circle

away from the main

road, and we are

actually in another


Palm trees,



big trees

and so much green.

Every day

is an adventure.

15: Around Liwa with Helmut in May 2010 ...

Helmut and


taking a

break and let the

traffic pass.

16: From Madinat Zayed to Ghayathi (view the map)
My first trip after the summer was on the 28th of September 2010. The new road opened, except on 3 circles they are working.
But even with the Harley possible to drive.

From Madinat Zayed

80 new km

to the West.


at the circle.

Green farms

Endless driving

until I reach Ghayathi.

Drinks for both,

and at sundown

towards Liwa

back home 240 km.


17: From Abu Dhabi to Madinat Zayed City














18: From Liwa to Madinat Zayed City (Beda Zayed) 

The plantation.

The road to

Madinat Zayed

for 60 km

only straight, left

and right sand.









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